About ORL Food Lab

ORL Food Lab - Orlando Food

The ORL Food Lab is amplifying and accelerating the growth of the Central Florida food community.

ORL Food Lab is dedicated to fostering the growth of the local Orlando-based food community in all food related areas. Our mission is to highlight the city of Orlando as a food destination so as to bring regional, national and international business and leisure visitors to Orlando for the economic benefit of the City, the community and our membership.

ORL Food lab will be an inclusive and collective voice that connects creative minds, innovative companies, and venture capitalists to Central Florida’s food and agricultural ecosystem. ORL Food is working to promote and amplify the great restaurants, chefs and foodpreneurs, support organizations and events that are happening throughout the greater Orlando region. ORL Food Lab, at its core, will strive to educate and create collisions to grow and prosper as a food destination.

ORL Food Lab recognizes that a convergence of trends – e.g. connected food sources, work/life balance, social consciousness, local pride and sense of community – drives the next generation of food entrepreneurs. “Foodpreneurship” is the ultimate symbol of FREEDOM … to do what you want, when you want, where you want, and with whom you want to do it and ultimately be part of the message that Orland is a food destination.


The overarching objectives of ORL Food lab are:

Talent: Increase retention and recruitment of quality talent pool

Revenue: Increase investment and access to capital markets

Experience: Increase mentor involvement & participation in the entrepreneurial landscape

Publicize: Promote and amplify Orlando as an ideal place to start and grow a food business and enjoy an exceptional quality of life while contributing to the City Beautiful.