All About that Base with Base Culture

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Orlando food entrepreneur Base Culture

All about that Base?… well Jordann Windschauer certainly is with a food company like Base Culture.

A native of St. Petersburg, Florida, Jordann began her food entrepreneur adventure at the ripe, young age of 22. Now at only 26, Base Culture has grown tremendously.

What is Base Culture? From Paleo-friendly sandwich bread to almond butter brownies, Base Culture is a food company providing a wide, and delicious, array of Paleo baked goods.  With a sweet tooth nearly as strong as her dead lift, Jordann Windschauer is changing baked goods from a primal perspective.

Jordann Windschauer is not your typical chef, nor had she ever imagined her business would be in food. This former event planner found foodie-inspiration in her fitness routine. With the intent of getting to know the people in her crossfit gym, Jordann participated in a 30-day paleo eating challenge. For those unfamiliar with the paleo way of eating, the paleo lifestyle is free of grains, refined sugars and focuses heavily on nuts, seeds and proteins such as eggs. Orlando food entrepreneur Base Culture

This new found paleo diet made a positive impact on her overall health, however, Jordann admits, “I missed baked goods and snacks as there weren’t any products available in the grocery store that followed the paleo diet.” So Jordann went about baking and creating paleo delights for herself, and very soon, her crossfit friends began putting in their orders.

From Kitchen to Market

So how does someone go from selling desserts out of her own kitchen to selling them inside of major food retailers including Whole Foods? Jordann like many of us, took her message to social media. “I created a Facebook page for Base Culture to take and organize orders.”

Facebook was a testing ground for Jordann to see just how well her products would fair. “At this time, I worked my 8am – 5pm job as an event planner, I would work out from 5:30pm – 6:30pm and then would bake until the orders were completed.” And let’s not forget weekends, during which time, Jordann spent her time packaging and delivering products.

Essentially working, and working out all hours of the day, Jordann continued this routine to perfect her recipes and find her audience. Not unlike many entrepreneurs, Jordann also worked a full-time job while simultaneously trying to get Base Culture up and running.

Testing her market via facebook sales and other on-line sales, Jordann could see that her desserts met a very particular food niche. She saw the need and set out with the intention of creating more paleo approved products and recipes suited for her paleo community. It took seemingly little time for the word of mouth to spread and soon much of the greater Tampa community began placing their orders on Jordann’s facebook page.

Base Culture continued to grow organically and Jordann took the necessary business steps along the way to keep up. Today Jordann has a team of 11 people supporting Base Culture and her. “We have gotten over 100 stores nationwide to carry the products. Base Culture is also sold at all Whole Foods stores in Florida as well as nationally on Amazon. Additionally, we are expanding our presence in the food service world with our national contract with Sodexo.”

Winning With a Never Give Up Attitude

Even with such early stage success, Jordann has learned to remain flexible, “One second a wonderful opportunity can present itself, and the next it could be taken away. Nothing is guaranteed, so learning how to have the hopefulness of an optimist and the clarity of a pessimist was very important.” For instance, Base Culture is striving to keep up with the great demand, but when they are unable to produce the amount of products that the stores want to purchase,  deals are lost.

With that in mind, Jordann decided to build a new facility that would support this desired volume.  “We are currently building a manufacturing plant that is 44,000 square feet. This will eliminate the challenge of mass production completely,” says Jordann. An accomplishment Jordann says she is most proud of.

“Yes it’s costly, The saying is true, everything is more expensive than first anticipated.”  Knowing this, Base Culture has made it a priority to attain the certification needs that their customers are looking for. “Nothing about this venture is cheap. “Know what your goals are, develop a plan on how to reach them, and don’t let anything get in your way,” advises Jordann when it comes to expenses. “Know that it will be costly and financially prepare yourself for those hurdles before you reach them.”

Orlando food entrepreneur Base CultureJordann credits her work ethic and sense  of entrepreneurism to her father and inspiration who has walked side-by-side with her along her journey, “The most valuable information he has ever given me was that the road will be rocky and you will experience the highest highs and lowest lows every day, but you simply cannot give up.”

Showing no signs of giving up or slowing down, Jordann shares the future vision of her company. “Base Culture was born as an All Natural, Gluten Free, Paleo bakery in Tampa, Florida 4 years ago. By the end of this year, Base Culture will be a fully certified woman owned manufacturing plant that will be making Gluten Free, Non-GMO, Kosher and Paleo products for customers and companies nationwide.”